Квартиры посуточно Днепропетровск, аренда посуточно Днепропетровск без посредника от хозяев

One-bedroom apartment for rent Victory Street Pier, 1 array near Privatbank rent

Квартиры посуточно Днепропетровск  Победа Приватбанк

Price - 250 UAH daily

+38 (056) 798-40-89
+38 (095) 563-36-05
+38 (067) 739-70-16
+38 (093) 916-68-89

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1 bedroom luxury apartment on the street. Victory Quay, 50, Privatbank. Rent apartments Dnepropetrovsk.

Sleeps: 2-bedroom soft sofa. Neat stylish apartment for two people. The apartment has Wi-Fi. Smoking is not allowed in the apartment.

Carefully read the terms of rent!

Price - 1 or more days (nights) - 250 UAH per day
Price - 10 days or more - 200 USD per night

1 bedroom apartment Victory Street Pier, 1 array, Privatbank, rent apartments Dnipropetrovsk. Stylish studio apartment for two with stunning views of the Dnieper. Sofa bed. Euro repair. The apartment is equipped with: TV, microwave, washing machine, refrigerator, water boiler, electric kettle, electric oven, satellite TV, iron, hair dryer, bed linen. The apartment has Wi-Fi and cable internet. Sleeps - 2. Smoking. Method of deposit payment: cash, bank transfer. Business travel - documents for payment. A passport required at installation.


Business travel - documents for payment.

At settlement - a passport.

In the kitchen:

• dishes and cutlery
• compartment sink
• electric kettle
• electric oven
• Refrigerator
• Tea, coffee and sugar
• Iron

In the room:

• Satellite TV
• sofa
• Bedding
• slippers

Language service:

• English
• Russian

Method of deposit payment:

cash, bank transfer, electronic payments

To order or reserve this apartment in Dnepropetrovsk call (056) 798-40-89, (095) 563-36-05, (067) 739-70-16, (093) 916-68-89